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The Series 2 R tutorials will walk you through producing descriptive statistics in R. The first 6 lessons (2.1 - 2.6) discuss producing plots including bar charts and pie charts, boxplots and boxplots with groups, histograms, stem and leaf plots, stacked bar charts, clustered bar charts, mosaic plots, and scatterplots in R. Tutorial 2.7 focuses on numeric summaries such as mean, standard deviation, frequencies and more. Finally, lesson 2.8-2.10 discuss how we can change plotting parameters from the default values, adding text and legends to the plots...if you would like to modify the look of the plots. 

 Videos in Series 2 R Tutorial:


Bar Charts and Pie Charts in R (R Tutorial 2.1)Boxplots and Boxplots With Groups in R (R Tutorial 2.2)Histograms in R (R Tutorial 2.3)Stem and Leaf Plots in R (R Tutorial 2.4)

Stacked Bar Charts,Clustered Bar Charts and Mosaic Plots in R (R Tutorial 2.5)Scatterplots in R (R Tutorial 2.6)Summary Statistics in R: Mean, Standard Deviation, Frequencies, etc (R Tutorial 2.7)Modifying Plots in R (R Tutorial 2.8) Adding Text to Plots in R (R Tutorial 2.9)Adding Legends to Plots in R (R Tutorial 2.10)