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Setting up Working Directories in R: (R Tutorial 1.8)


In this video, you will learn what a working directory is and how to set up a working directory for a project in R. 

Here, we will explain what working directories are in R and why we use them. We will show you how to find the current working directory in R using the "getwd" command, how to set up a working directory in R using "setwd" command or RStudio menu items, how to use "save.image" command to save the current workspace image, how to let R know that a file is a workspace image using ".Rdata" extension, use the menu items in RStudio to save a workspace image, remove all items from the current workspace using the "rm(list=ls()" command or RStudio menus, quit R using RStudio menus or "q" command, and finally how to load the previous workspace image using the "load" or "file.choose" command or RStudio menus.


We recommend using the link below to download the dataset and practice on your own while watching this tutorial.


You can access and download the dataset that was used in this tutorial here:

  Tab Delimited Dataset for R TutorialsExcel Dataset for R Tutorials

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