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Logic Statements (TRUE/FALSE) and cbind and rbind Commands in R: (R Tutorial 1.7)


In this video you will learn how logic commands can be used in R to identify observations with certain attributes and return a true/false, based on values of other variables in a data set. 

Here, we will show you how to create a logic vector or variable in R, how to turn True or False indicators into 0's and 1's by using "as.numeric" command, use multiple logical statements within an R command to have a logical vector answering multiple questions (step by step example), attach vectors or matrices in a column-wise fashion using the "cbind" command or in a row-wise fashion using the "rbind" command, and finally show two different ways of cleaning R's workspace: using RStudio's menu or "rm" command.


We recommend using the link below to download the dataset and practice on your own while watching this tutorial.


You can access and download the dataset that was used in this tutorial here:

  Tab Delimited Dataset for R TutorialsExcel Dataset for R Tutorials

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