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Working with Variables and Data in R: (R Tutorial 1.5)


In this video you will learn how to check variable types and names and produce summaries in R. 

Here, you will learn how to use the dollar sign "$" to extract the variable within an object, call all variables within an object by their name using "attach" command, un-attach the data in R by using "detach" command, check the type or class of a variable using the "class" command, use the "levels" command to ask R what different levels categories are for a factor or categorical variable, use the "summary" command to produce summaries, and finally how to convert a numeric variable to categorical or factor variable using the "as.factor" command.

We recommend using the link below to download the dataset and practice on your own while watching this tutorial.


You can access and download the dataset that was used in this tutorial here:

  Tab Delimited Dataset for R Tutorials Excel Dataset for R Tutorials  

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