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getting started with R Marinstatslectures 1

The Series 1 of R videos will help you to get started working with R. The first tutorial will walk you through downloading, installing and setting up R and RStudio. Next two videos in this series will show you how to assign values to objects and preform basic arithmetic functions, creates vectors and matrices and preform simple operations on them. In tutorial 1.4 you will learn to import data from excel or other spreadsheets into R using both comma-separated and tab-delimited text files. In the next video in this series (tutorial 1.5), we will show you how to extract the variable within an object, check variable type and names, and produce summaries. You will also learn to subset data using square brackets and to use logic commands to identify observations with certain attributes and return a true/false value (tutorial 1.6-1.7). Finally, you will learn about working directories, scripts and commands in R, finding and installing packages and customizing the look of RStudio (Tutorial 1.8-1.11).

1-1-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-2-download-setupRStudio-marinstatslectures1-3-start-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-4-vectors-matrix-matrices-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-5-import-data-excel-csv-txt-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-6-import-data-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-7-variables-summaries-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures 1-8-square-brackets-subset-data-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-9-logic-statement-true-false-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-10-working-directory-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-11-scripts-code-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-12-installing-packages-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures1-13-customizing-R-RStudio-marinstatslectures