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Here you will find video tutorials on RStats along with datasets and R codes used to create the videos. These videos provide an introduction to R, to help get the beginner going. The intention is to get you over the initial hump in working with R, and to provide some guidance on implementing standard set of analytic procedures learned in introductory and intermediate applied statistics course;

Why did we choose R as our prefered statistical software? That’s an easy question to answer… R is free and open-source. Thousands of experts in the statistical sciences have added functionality onto R, in the form of free ‘packages’. They extend R’s functionality far beyond the standard analytic methodologies, and allow for cutting edge statistical procedures to be implemented, fairly easily. Unlike ‘point-and-click’ statistical software like SPSS, or ‘procedure-based’ software like SAS, R is a programming language…and not a very difficult language to learn either. Being a programming language means that you can have R do just about anything you want, as long as you learn the proper way to ask. R is also capable of producing beautiful graphical displays. It may sound weird to describe a plot as being beautiful, but you’ll see what I mean if you take a look at some plots R can produce.

The R video tutorials are organized into 5 different series to make it easier for the students to navigate and explore. Every time a dataset is used in the videos, the link is provided so that you can download the dataset and practice on your own! You can follow along with the series and start from the very beginning or just navigate the menu bar to find the specific video you are looking for...



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